Municipal Recycling Program

Reducing Solid Waste - Increasing Cash Flow

As people become more aware of depleting the world of its finite resources, recycling of materials has become a necessity. Recently, Congress passed a law requiring local municipalities to reduce their solid waste before the year 2000.

As much as 3%-5% of Municipal Solid Waste is Recyclable Textiles. In order to assist local government, Fab-Tech Company has developed a program for the municipalities to cut their solid waste by reducing the Recyclable Textiles. As an added benefit, the municipalities who participate may also increase their cash flow. After designing Curbside or Drop-off Programs tailored to your community's needs, FAB-TECH will purchase the recovered Textile/Secondhand Clothing materials from you.

By increasing your community's awareness of the recyclability of Textiles/Secondhand Clothing, we aim to reduce the Textiles found in Municipal Solid Waste thus resulting in increased donations to charities. Additionally, fundraising programs for collected Secondhand Clothing may be of interest for non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, scouts, etc.

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